You Have Purpose: We Have Nonprofit Expertise

At For Purpose Law Group, we bring years of experience and expansive knowledge of the complex, nonprofit tax-exempt sector, giving you the confidence you need for the future.

We can assist you in starting a nonprofit,  and growing your organization to meet your mission, vision and passion. We can also assist in ensuring it remains in compliance with state and federal agencies.

Nonprofit organizations come in all shapes and sizes, and we have experience with them all. We’ve dedicated ourselves over the past twenty years to honing a focused expertise with the legal, tax and operational challenges facing nonprofit organizations every day.

Nonprofit Formation and Exemption

Are you looking to quickly, efficiently and competently start a nonprofit organization and gain the appropriate federal and state exemption? We can help. We know what red flags the Internal Revenue Service too often sees on exempt applications – and we understand how to avoid them to ensure the quickest approval possible.

Nonprofit Outside General Counsel

We are able to provide immediate and responsive legal counsel, with specific expertise in guiding a nonprofit organization throughout every phase of its operational life-cycle through our Outside General Counsel service. We can assist your organization every step of the way, whatever legal question or issue you may face.

Nonprofit Annual Maintenance 

We are able to ensure that your organization is in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service, as well as any state taxing agencies and the Attorney General of your state each and every year, on an easy to budget flat-fee basis.

Nonprofit Fundraising & Solicitation

Nonprofit organizations that fundraise in multiple states often don’t realize they likely have registration and filing requirements in those states, which are required to be completed prior to launching that great fundraising initiative. We assist nonprofit organizations nationwide to register to solicit in the states that require it.