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Post Election Advocacy for 501(c)(3)'s

501(c)(3) Post-Election Advocacy

The most consequential Election Day of our lifetimes is now in the rear view mirror.  For the nation’s 501(c)(3) organizations as well as the communities

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Sexual Harassment in Nonprofits
Employment Law

Sexual Harassment: Training Deadlines

Those “boorish, disrespectful and just plain dumb” comments? They were “just part of my shtick,” said the prominent philanthropist, “since before I had a penny

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Unions and NPO's in the Pandemic
Employment Law

Nonprofits: Unions & The Pandemic

In 1636, a group of fishermen working on an island off the coast of the Massachusetts Bay Colony went on strike. It was reportedly the

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Changes in Private Foundations
Private Foundations

Philanthropy Thought Leaders: Foundations

With the COVID-19 pandemic swirling around us for many months, there have been repeated calls for America’s private foundations to step up with bigger-than-usual payouts

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