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A Reminder to Nonprofit Employers

Nonprofit charities get lots of perks: tax savings, deductible contributions, and preferred postal rates, to name just some. This preferential status lulls many boards and

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Who Could Have Predicted . . .?

  The website has disappeared. After almost 15 years of philanthropic leadership in the City of Chicago, including grants and pledges worth more than $100

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Whose Opinion is it, Anyway?

In “One of Those Days,” we introduced a hypothetical board chairman who – loudly and proudly – told his social media circles about his key

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"I Know It When I See It."

I can’t define it, “but I know it when I see it.” Back in Another Way to Sink the Ship: Too Much Lobbying, we mentioned

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Business Fundamentals

Business Fundamentals: Benefit Corporations

Benefit Corporations are probably the most recognized business entity available to social entrepreneurs. Establishing your business as one offers many benefits for a socially conscious

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