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Fundraising & Development

Crowdfunding Regulation in CA: What’s Next?

Crowdfunding for charitable purposes and beneficiaries has exploded in popularity in recent years. “It seems like a perfect marriage: the internet and charitable fundraising.” It’s

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Another Bungled College Closing

All around the United States, in recent years, small liberal arts college are facing tough choices resulting from increasing costs but declining enrollments. Part of

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Fundraising & Development

Troubled Waters at Several United Ways

“A … woman, a priest, two ministers and a rabbi got together….” “It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke,” according to the United

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Another Pfishing Tale

Headquartered in suburban Baltimore, the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation is one of the nation’s largest private charitable foundations with annual grants topping $100 million

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Employment Law

Newest CA Sexual Harassment Laws

The annual schedule of the California Legislature is packed into a tight 8-9 months of activity with a frenzied rush in the final month. Now

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