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Internal Revenue Service Issues

Donor-Advised Funds: New Reform Proposal

Donor-advised funds (DAFs) have enjoyed spectacular success in recent years, and the most current data show this trend not only continuing but accelerating.  But along

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Gifts in Kind

Gifts in Kind: CA Bill Vetoed

During the whirlwind 2019 legislative session in California, lawmakers considered hundreds of bills including one that, if approved, would change the law on how charitable

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Overtime Regulations
Employment Law

How to Implement the New Overtime Rule

On January 1, 2020, the new federal overtime regulations that affect employers around the nation – including nonprofits – go into effect. We’ve followed the

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Patient Debt
Internal Revenue Service Issues

Charitable Hospitals Behaving Badly

Over the summer of 2019, there were important showdowns around the United States against certain charitable healthcare systems acting in decidedly uncharitable (and unlawful) ways.

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Hate groups
IRS Issues

Should a Hate Group Have a Tax Exemption?

Every few days or so, there’s another hate-group-fueled shooting rampage in the United States. In a long-overdue move, the FBI recently designated the white-supremacy movement

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Tainted Donors
Fundraising & Development

Tainted Donors in a Scandal-Prone Era

“Finding funders has never been easy work,” writes The Nonprofit Quarterly’s Martin Levine in How Nonprofits Consider Donations Differently as Donor Challenges Proliferated (September 4,

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